AL Studio Suite

  • for everyone
  • no subscription needed
  • basic GitHub support
per month
  • per user
  • for freelancers
  • for companies

14-Day Trial

per month
  • per company
  • unlimited users
  • priority support

14-Day Trial


AL Studio Translations

Includes Community features and the Translation Manager
Translation Starter
per year
  • per user
  • for freelancers
  • for companies

14-Day Trial

Features Free Translations Starter Team Ultimate
Workspace Overview
Scopes (bookmarks)
Basic Object navigation
New workspace wizard
Translation Manager
All Table Fields
Table Editor
Page Editor
Enum Editor
Codeunit Viewer
Interface Viewer
Control Add-in viewer
API documentation generation
Transferfield rules
CLI for DevOps
Unlimited users
Support Free Translations Starter Team Ultimate
Basic GitHub support
Standard Helpdesk
Priority Support

Helpful answers

Always looking for better ways to do things, innovate and help people achieve their goals.

Starter and Team plans have a per-user licensing model that allows flexible licensing for small to medium-sized companies.

Ultimate plan is designed for enterprises with larger or growing userbase above 25 users.

Translation Starter/Ultimate plans are unique, annual per-user/per-company offerings solely focused on Translation Management.

Regardless of the selected plan, the latest version of AL Studio is always available on Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Once installed, updates are automatically installed by Visual Studio Code. No additional action is required.

Free version of AL Studio implements most features from AL Object Designer and also gives more than that. You can safely deactivate AL Object Designer once AL Studio is installed. No additional registration or credit card is required.

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